SFG provides one-stop service, optimizes the online trading platform and develops diversified investment products

Hong Kong and the Mainland investment market are constantly changing. To seize investment opportunities, choosing a financial service company that has overall strength is the key to success. Success Finance Group ("SFG") is committed to provide customers with one-stop professional financial services. Its large professional team has won the trust and reputation from clients over the years. To further optimize its services, the website of SFG has recently changed to a new face. The contents and the functions of the website are strengthened, and also available with mobile version, allow customers to easily grasp the latest market developments anytime and anywhere accessing to a reliable and flexible one-stop investment platform.


Mr. Tom Chan, Chief Executive of Success Finance Group, said: "Success Finance Group realizes that grasping the latest information is the most effective way to master the investment opportunities in the ever changing financial world. Therefore, we continue to optimize our electronic platforms and provide real time quotes for a wide range of investment products, coming with expert analysis, global economic data, stable trading system and different investment tools. We provide customers with one-stop and high-quality financial services."


Full scale services flexibly seizing opportunities

SFG is committed to diversify financial services, such as the brokerage of precious metals, securities, futures, foreign exchange and funds and providing one-stop service, for examples, property loans, insurance, asset management and overseas investment. Through the excellent management team and all-round professional services, customers can flexibly and effectively access to different investment instruments to grasp important investment opportunities for their wealth growth in the ever changing market.


Free real-time quotes keep pace with the market trends

The new website of SFG has simple layout, clearly listing the foreign exchange and precious metal real-time quotes, interest rates, the major world indices and financial news, and provides free real-time Hong Kong stock quote function. Investors only need to go through the homepage of SFG website and can easily grasp the main international and local market information. The experts of different investment products will provide customers first-hand and valuable professional advices from multi-aspects to help them analyzing the latest market trends and global market situations.


Online trading system optimizing the investment experience

Investment opportunities are ephemeral. Hence SFG is committed to provide convenient and reliable trading platform for investors to achieve wealth growth. Customers can set up an investment account through the Internet and can trade securities and futures through the online trading systems. The website also adds a function of free demo account, allowing customers to experience the professional services from SFG. In addition to telephone trading services, SFG has also introduced "Online Customer Service". Investors can contact its professional service team immediately and get back the response quickly through social networking platforms, including website, Wechat and QQ.

The real-time quote function in the new website of SFG allows customer to easily grasp the latest market information
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