SFG Fully Supported “Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2016”

Success Finance Group (SFG) has engaged in variety of charitable services and tried the best to encourage its workforce to participate in voluntary activities, in order to fulfill its social responsibility. Recently, SFG fully supported the“Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2016", by sponsoring the "Success Finance Group Charity Cup", and also forming a team to participate in the 50km charity run.


"Rotary HK Ultramarathon 2016" was jointly organized by Rotary International District 3450 and Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association, with an aim to encourage healthy living. Participants can challenge themselves while contributing to the society. SFG Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tom Chan led his team to complete the 50km race, and said, "the race fosters participants' willpower, team cooperation and collaboration. We hope our team spirit can be strengthened through this kind of competitions. SFG will continue to take the social responsibility for a better community by supporting more charities and community events."


"Rotary HK Ultramarathon", the first ever recognized 50km race in Hong Kong, was organized for its first time last year. The raised proceeds from the event will be donated to the Mental Health Services of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, with the purpose to promote public awareness and understanding on the importance of mental health.
Success Finance Group participated in team for 50km race.
SFG Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tom Chan presented the Success Finance Group Charity Cup to the winning team
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