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Through its strong professional immigration consultant team, in collaboration of professional accountants, consultant attorneys, and professional financial investment advisers, the Company provides one-stop consultancy services in immigration, from eligibility assessment, documents preparation, to application submission and related assets transactions. The entire process for application can be completed within 6 months the soonest. (Click here for Online Assessment)

Application Process
Step 1 Online preliminary assessment[7 days]
Step 2 Free consultation services (Phone / Meeting)[2 to 3 weeks]
Step 3 Application of visa
Submission of required documents[2 to 6 weeks]
Step 4 Approval of visa from relevant officials
Arrangement for related assets transactions[3 to 11 months]
Step 5 Clients report to designated country within deadline

(The entire application process will be completed in about 6 to 18 weeks)

Popular Countries and Scheme

Success International Education & Immigration Consultancy Limited as a member of Success Finance Group, has strong professional consultant team handling the application of skilled trade immigration, entrepreneur immigration, investment Immigration and education via job offer, respective details are listed as follows:

CountryScheme and Qualification
United States

Entrepreneur Immigration (EB-5)

  • Minimum threshold USD500,000 in investment
  • Invest in designated projects and pre-approved regional centers
  • Principal applicant may be entitled to the right of abode with the spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age

Quebec Programmes

  • Minimum of CAD1.6 million net worth of assets is required
  • Minimum of CAD 800,000 investment in designated immigration funds, with full redemption is guaranteed upon the confirmation of right of abode
  • Another CAD1.5 million investment in locally registered small business funds and / or small businesses listed on ASX
  • Principle applicant may be entitled to the right of abode at the 5th year

British Columbia Nominee – Entrepreneur

  • Nominated by local provincial government
  • Minimum of CAD 200,000 investment in new start up or business acquisition of local company that create employment opportunities
  • Obtain visa first, and permanent residency will be granted after 2 years

Investment Immigration (Subclass 188C)

  • Minimum of AUD5 million net worth of assets is required
  • Minimum stay 40 days a year for 4 consecutive years

Investment Immigration (Subclass 132)

  • Minimum of AUD3 million net worth of assets is required
  • AUD1.5 million to be transferred to Australia within 2 years upon the receipt of visa
  • Invest AUD1 million in Government designated funds and / or bonds
  • AUD500,000 for business investment

Entrepreneur Immigration (subclass 457)

  • AUD300,000 for business investment that create employment opportunity
  • Minimum required IELTS score of 5.5
  • Obtain conditional visa of stay in advance, and stay 2 consecutive years for local residence
United Kingdom

Investment Immigration (Fast Track Approval)

  • Minimum investment of € 400,000 is required
  • Investment in designated funds
  • Minimum stay 14 days a year is required

Entrepreneur Immigration

  • Minimum £200,000 investment in local startup or purchase shares of enterprises
  • Invested project should create a minimum of two employment opportunities
  • Applicant continue to participate in the business
  • Applicant has enough excess liquidity for cost of living
  • Minimum required IELTS score of 4 or above; equivalent qualifications is allowed

Investment Scheme (Simple Investment Scheme)

  • Minimum investment of € 400,000 is required
  • Investment in designated funds
  • Minimum stay 14 days a year is required
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