The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program (ARI) Advantages:

Easy to Apply

  • Low threshold for the principal applicant (aged 18 or over), no need to prove background and source of fund; No requirement on management experience, education, and language. Application includes the whole family.
  • Complete property investment of EUR500,000, can collect rent from purchased property
  • Short processing period, high success rate, short application and approval period. Applicants with complete file may obtain a residence permit within three months.
  • Very low staying requirement! Staying for 7 days each year fulfills the requirement (7 days in the first year, 14 days in next two years) Eligible to apply for permanent residence permit after five years.

Free entry and exit

  • With Portugal residence permit, visa-free for 26 Schengen States (Germany, France, Italy, etc.), convenient for travel and trade.
  • With Portugal passport, visa-free or visa-on-arrival for 158 countries around the world (including the United States, Unite Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.)

Enjoy Benefits

  • Spouse and children (under 18) may at any time apply for a residence permit issued at the same time. Family members fully enjoy the welfare benefit.
  • Fully developed education system, with 12-year free public education, cheaper private education compared to the USA and UK, and a number of prominent universities
  • High level overall health care system with free medical service. Portugal has long life expectancy.
  • Enjoy huge benefits from property appreciation and rental
  • Portugal has a simple tax system and does not impose a global tax (for non-permanent residence).
  • Good public order, low crime rate, one of the world’s safest countries.
Application Process
  1. Initial evaluation;
  2. Prepare and apply for the Portugal Schengen visa(ARI necessary condition);
  3. International Health Insurance(ARI necessary condition);
  4. Purchase house(ARI necessary condition);
  5. Apply for ARI;
  6. Visit Lisbon for customs entry registration;
  7. Get approved for ARI;and
  8. Annually and periodically update residence permit and health insurance;
Services provided by Success

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