1. What is leveraged foreign exchange trading?

Leveraged foreign exchange trading allows investors use less funds for higher trading volume through leverage ratio. General customers with 5% of the total contract value and a 20:1 leverage ratio, can trade foreign exchange with twenty times of the amount they have. Investors take advantage of every investment opportunity in the international currency market by forecasting market fluctuation and seeking profit opportunities from movements in exchange rates, and earning interest in some cases. Forex market operates 24 hours a day. Customers can enter or exit the market at any time, or change strategy, converting one currency to other currencies.

2. What is the trading time period of leveraged foreign exchange trading service?

Summer: Monday 07:00 - Saturday 03:00 (Hong Kong Time)
Winter: Monday 07:00 - Saturday 04:00 (Hong Kong Time)

3. What is the daily settlement hour of online leverage foreign exchange trading service?

Summer:Everyday 03:00 (Hong Kong Time)
Winter:Everyday 04:00 (Hong Kong Time)

When the daily settlement is in process, the online leveraged foreign exchange trading service will be suspended. For account inquiries or trading transactions, please call our 24-hour trading hotline at: (852)2294-5818 or (852)2294-5718

4. What are available account balance, net asset value, floating profit/loss, and maintenance margin?

Available account balance refers to the balance in the account for transaction, and is calculated using the following formula:

Available account balance of the net assets minus maintenance margin, pending debit card purchases, processing checks, or other debits from your account.

Net asset value of the customer account is a total amount of daily balance substituted into floating profit/loss, profit/loss, interest, and other substitutions

Floating profit/loss is the potential gain and loss on open contracts valued at current market rates in customer account.

Maintenance margin requires 3% of the contract value (60% of basic margin)

For detailed information, refer to daily/monthly statements or consult your manager.

5. Under what circumstances will the customer receive margin call?

When a customer’s the net asset value is below the maintenance margin requirement level, which is 3% of the gross open contracts, the client needs to immediately pay back to basic margin level (5%).

6. Does online leveraged forex trading service provide Lock service?

Online leveraged forex trading services provides Lock function, enabling the same product in different positions, and all the new positions use the entire contract margining. For example, you place an order for offline channel, all head positions/Lock command will be treated as one contract, and the maintenance margin requires 3% of the contract value (60% of the basic margin).

7. Are sales quotes provided online by leveraged foreign exchange trading service reference prices?

Yes. Sales quotes provided online by leveraged foreign exchange trading service are only reference prices. To carry out contract trading and the number of transactions is less than 10, you can directly reference price quote board. To carry out more than 10 transactions, please trade separately in units of 10. The above situations may be changed without any prior notice according to market conditions.

8. Are there position limits for online leveraged foreign exchange trading accounts?

Yes. Each account has a position limit to avoid high investment risk for the customer. In general, leveraged foreign exchange trading account has a trading limit of HK$300,000. You are welcome to contact your manager if you need a higher position limit.

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