Corporate Finance

Hong Kong Futures and Options
Contract Exchange Fee SFC Levy Exercise Fee on Expiry Date Commission
Hang Seng Index Futures/Options HK$10 HK$0.54 HK$10 Negotiable
Mini Hang Seng Index Futures HK$3.5 HK$0.1 HK$3.5
Mini Hang Seng Index Options HK$2.0 HK$0.1 HK$2.0
H-Shares Index Futures/Options HK$3.5 HK$0.54 HK$3.5
Mini H-Shares Index Futures HK$2 HK$0.1 HK$2
London Metal Mini Futures
Contract London Aluminium Mini Futures London Zinc Mini Futures London Zinc Mini Futures
Exchange Fee (per contact per side) RMB3 RMB5
Commission Levy RMB0.44 ( per contract)
Commission Negotiable
Fees and Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
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