SFG Financial Leader Development Program - Cultivate Financial Freshman

With the deep roots in Hong Kong, Success Financial Group (SFG) cares about the community in particular of cultivating new talents for the industry. SFG is committed to help youngsters to be equipped to meet the demand of financial market, by offering internship and free financial planning course under the "SFG Financial Leader Development Program".


To encourage interaction between the financial professionals in China and Hong Kong, SFG recently offered an internship program to around 30 students from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai. In addition to company visit, SFG has organized a series of seminars on various financial topics like the differences of financial systems in China and Hong Kong, business operations of Hong Kong financial institutions, and the characteristics of investment products. Students also participated in a virtual trading competition, offering them the virtual experience in the real-time market operation. 


"With the extensive experience in financial industry, the Group aims at helping these China undergraduate students to get prepared for entering the financial industry, through the training and internship opportunity.” said by SFG's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tom Chan.


SFG also launched a 6-month professional financial planning courses for free, assisting students to obtain the professional qualification. Other sponsorships under the "SFG Financial Leader Development Program" including Guangdong Commerce Debating Competition and Career Planning Contest also aim at encouraging youngster to have better plan for the future.


Program highlight please click: https://goo.gl/MQztWv
SFG’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tom Chan shared his experience with the interns.
Students visited the trading floor for the real opertaion of a financial institution.
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