Success Finance Leadership Development Program Nurturing Financial Talents

Success Finance Group (“SFG”) is dedicated to social affairs and actively fosters fresh blood in Hong Kong and Mainland China’s financial industry, by supporting various tertiary institutions activities. The “Success Finance Leadership Development Program” was established to provide training and internship experiences for young people who are interested in joining the industry, while almost 200 mainland students have participated in the program to broaden their understanding of the financial market.

This summer, “Success Finance Leadership Development Program” has once again invited over 20 university students from Mainland China to Hong Kong for a five-day training and internship. They visited the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and several local financial institutions to understand the daily operations of the financial industry in Hong Kong. Students also participated in sharing session with financial experts for better understanding of the financial systems of Hong Kong and the Mainland, as well as the current international financial situation.

SFG's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tom Chan also shared his experience with the students. He said: “As one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong, the financial industry remains attractive to financial talents from Mainland China. SFG is glad to facilitate the communication among financial talents between Mainland and Hong Kong, in order to assist young generations in better equipping themselves before entering the industry.”

Most of the participants in the program are studying finance-related subjects. Liu Zihao, a first-year finance student from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, said: “This internship allows me to add an operational experience in actual working environment, which supplemented to the theoretical knowledge learned in school.  It also gave me a better understanding of the financial industry, which is very useful for my personal development and career planning in the field.” Another student, Zeng Qingxian, said: “Not only did we learn about the sophisticated Hong Kong financial system, but also experienced the local company's working environment and atmosphere. From the simulation of investment operation process, I fully felt the flexibility and diversification in Hong Kong market.”

Success Finance Group's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tom Chan shared his experience and analysis of the financial industry with the students.
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