Immigration and Naturalization Grenada Investment Plan overview
  • “Investment Citizenship Act,” passed by Grenada parliament in 2013, provides a legal basis for investment immigration.
  • “Investment Citizenship Act,” Act 10 provides that any investor who invests USD200,000 in Grenada development fund is eligible for the investment immigration plan.
  • Grenada government promises that in general investment immigration application can be approved in principle within three months, and complete naturalization procedure within 5-6 months to receive Grenada passport.
  • New naturalized people must live in Grenada for no less than 60 days within five years
  • If the application is unsuccessful, the USD200,000 investment funds will be refunded to clients, but other charges will not be refunded.
Strengths of Grenada
  • Fully developed legal protection
  • Member of the Commonwealth and the Schengen visa-free
  • Recognize dual nationality
  • Low threshold, no requirement on source of fund and business background
  • Investment naturalization procedure is simple and fast
  • Offshore tax heaven, does not impose foreign income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, etc.
  • Free education and free medical care
  • Advanced level of education, comparable to US standards
  • Passport holders can enter about 110 countries and regions visa-free
Application Process
  1. Initial case evaluation;
  2. Sign mandate;
  3. Pay investment, specialty and application fees;
  4. Submit information and application documents;
  5. Professional legal review;
  6. Process application documents;
  7. USREDA final review;
  8. Submit application to the Attorney General of Grenada;
  9. Approved in principle by the Attorney General;
  10. Naturalization review by the Grenada Immigration Bureau; and
  11. Approve Citizenship and issue Grenada passport
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