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Travel Insurance

When away for business or on vacation, no matter how comprehensive the travel arrangements are, accidents can happen. During the break, accidents make holidays less fun. Travel Insurance Plan provides comprehensive protections, allowing you to enjoy your holiday worry free.

Home Insurance

One fire, storm or robbery can give you huge losses. To protect your home, you must first guarantee that in case of accidents, property damage is minimized. Home insurance provides comprehensive protection for your belongings and valuables.


Your health is the most precious thing in life, and you must ensure that even minor illness get proper treatment. Medical Expense can be a heavy financial burden for you and your family. Public medical services may save a lot of money, but in Hong Kong, the public medical surgery and specialty services usually have long waiting time, causing patients inconvenience or delays. Plus the government is actively considering the implementation of medical reform. The medical costs in the future are even more different to estimate.

  • Hospitalization and Surgery Protection: calculate the amount of compensation according to the actual expenses of hospitalization and surgery.
  • Hospitalization Cash Protection: calculate the amount of compensation by the number of days of hospitalization 
Critical Illness Protection

Life in Hong Kong is fast-paced and busy, even if we put more emphasize on life quality and balance than ever before, we inevitably face an increasing polluted environment and accumulating stress and our health are repeatedly threatened. It is not difficult to find from research data that nowadays, the number of patients of serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease, increases every year with a tendency of younger age. Of course, with medical development serious diseases may not be fatal, and has more chance of cure. But long-term sick in bed with high expenses for high quality treatment, only adequate financing support ensure the patients’ recovery without worries.

  • One-time compensation: compensate by a posted amount, reducing your medical burden
  • Covering a variety of diseases: up to 50 kinds of critical illness protection
Accident Insurance

Accident insurance can prepare you and your family for economic hardship brought by accidents. Have you ever considered whether there is protection when your children have accident during school activities, or being scratched by pet? What about when you have to take holidays to take care of family members? The elderly are more prone to fracture accidents, are you financially sufficient to cope with additional medical expenses? Personal Accident Insurance Scheme specifically considers the unique needs of each importance life stage and offers different kinds of special protection, such as:

  • Accidental amputation or death
  • Unexpected medical expenses
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