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As a comprehensive financial service platform, Success Credit Service Limited (“SCS”)., a subsidiary of Success Finance Group, is committed to providing property owners with professional, efficient, flexible, and high-quality property lending and financing services, including first mortgage, second mortgage, refinancing, and further charge, etc., so that clients have more choices in their financial planning. Regardless of the purpose, like paying off the credit card balance, short-term emergency need, improving liquidity, expanding business, children’s education, relocation or renovation, you can apply as long as having your own property in any age and type, including private estate, village house, and bungalows, etc.

Please contact SCS for more in property lending services. Our analysis team will listen carefully to your needs, and design the best mortgage plan to meet your urgent needs.

  • Free valuation
  • No property age restriction
  • Loan amount up to 90% of property’s valuation
  • Individual tenant within the joint tenancy are welcome
  • Simple procedures
  • Express approval
  • Cash available next day
  • Elastic repayment period up to 10 years
  • Flexible interest rate portfolio, providing net interest-only repayment plan and interest and principal repayment plan
Terms and Conditions:
  1. “Loan amount up to 90% of property’s valuation”: Loan amount need to be considered by subtracting the outstanding balance the property has. For example, the owner has applied for second mortgage for a property that has an valuation of 1,000,000. 90% of its valuation is 900,000, subtracting the outstanding balance 600,000 of first mortgage. The highest loan amount of second mortgage is 300,000.
  2. “Express Approval”: Approval result will be informed in 24 hours the fastest once after SCS confirms receipt of required application documents and subject to the actual situations of each case. SCS reserves the right of final decision.
  3. “Cash available next day”: Applies only during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm). For clients who submitted all the required application documents and got approved successfully, cash will be available in next working day subject to the action situations of each case, SCS reserves the right of final decision.

Note: The above benefits of loan amount, interest rate, and repayment period are subject to clients’ personal finances and credit status, SCS has the right of final approval. SCS reserves the right to suspend, modify or cancel any terms and conditions, at any time, without any prior notice. In case of any dispute, SCS reserves the right of final decision.
Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.
Hotline for Complaints: 3101 5612
Money lender license number: 1115/2018
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