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Valuation and Application
For valuation or application, please fill in the following personal and property information via phone (SMS / WhatsApp / WeChat / LINE: 5161 3350), fax, or Internet. Professionals from the company will answer and follow up:
Property Information
Street name:
Building/Property name *:
Building number *:
Floor number *:
Unit number *:
Property age:
Gross Floor Area:
(sq. ft)
Net Floor Area:
(sq. ft)
Purchase price/recent valuation:
Property currently under mortgage *
1st Mortgage Remaining Balance *
Bank/Money Lender *
2nd Mortgage Remaining Balance *
Bank/Money Lender *
Other Property Loan Remaining Balance *
Bank/Money Lender *
Redemption of existing loan *
Amount of Redemption *
Personal Information
Title *
Name *
(same as property owner; same as the name on the identity document)
Hong Kong Identity Card number *
(Example: X123456(7))
Date of birth:
Occupational Status:
Best calling time*
Best contact method:
Loan amount*
 * Compulsory to complete
 < All personal information is kept confidential >

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