1. What are Loco London Gold/Silver trading patterns?

Loco London Gold/Silver trading patterns mean: Investors choose to buy when they judge that the product’s price will rise, and choose to sell when they judge that the price will fall. They can benefit from both buying and selling. It is a leveraged investment that only requires margin equals to 1% of the actual value of the contract.

2. What are the differences between London Gold/Silver trading and physical bullion trading?

Trading physical bullion requires 100% funds (high cost) and has low liquidity. Investors can only benefit when bullion price rises. Loco London gold/silver trading adopts international contract unit. Investors do not need to pay actual money, and only need to pay about 1% margin. With 24-hour T+0 two-way trading, they can benefit from both buying and selling, and can actively manage investment directions with flexibility.

3. What are the differences between precious metals trading and futures trading?

Futures trading have high threshold and short trading period, and risk of settlement regardless of profit or loss when contract expires. The advantages of precious metals trading are 24-hour non-stop trading with lowest trading amount of 0.1 hand (equivalent to margin of HK$600), and it can be liquidated and settled at any time without the risk of forced liquidation.

4. How can I open an account at Success?

You can apply directly online or download and complete account-opening documents, and provide your identification as well as address proof for the recent three months, and then fax or email to us.

5. Are there charges for opening accounts, and are there minimum amount requirements?

It is totally free to open accounts at our company, and the minimum amount for investing in Loco London gold is HK$600.

6. Is it difficult to operate electronic trading platform?

Our company’s electronic trading platform is very simple to operate. You can first apply for a free demo account on the website and login in the trading system to do simulated trading. Free demo account has identical data source, operation mode and window with the real account. If you have any questions during operation, please feel free to contact online client service for inquiries.

7. What is the maximum number of lots I can trade? What about the minimum?

The maximun and minimum number of hands for precious metals are 20 lots and 0.1 lots per order respectively. The maximum and minimum number of hands for RKG are 30 lots and 1 lots per order respectively.

8. What are the trading spreads of Loco London Gold/Silver?

The spread refers to the difference between the bid price and the ask price, which is the cost of opening the transaction. Loco London gold’s spread is US$0.5/oz., and Loco London silver’s spread is US$0.04/oz.

9. How long can I hold the positions?

There is no fixed expiration dates for existing contracts and investors can hold them indefinitely, but with every passing day, investors are required to pay overnight interest. That means contracts that are not settled on the opening day and are held into the next day will produce overnight interest.

Calculating formula is: opening price x contract unit x number of hands x interest rate x (1/360)= overnight interest

Example: Select on the trading platform Loco London Gold trading and open 1 hand, with opening price is US$1300/oz., and one overnight, and LLG interest rate of 1.25% on that day. The calculation is: opening price US$1,300/oz. x contract unit 100 oz. x number of hands 1 hand x interest rate 1.25% x (1/360)=US$4.51

10. What is Lock Position?

“Lock Position” means there are same volume of long and short position opened in different prices within the same product contract as to lock its floating profit / loss temporarily. Both sides of opened positions will be charged interest until liquidation. Investors need to make a careful consideration of using ‘Lock Position’ because this strategy will increase your investment capital.

11. Under what circumstance will clients be liquidated?

When the net value of the account goes below 2% of the initial margin, the electronic trading platform will automatically liquidate all open contracts on the account at the current market price.

12. Is there any services fee for retrieving daily statement?

Yes, the fee is charged as follows:

For the last 3 months Free
For More than 3 months to 3 years $30 per day
For More than 3 years to 6 years $1,800 each (monthly basis)
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