Success Finance Group (“the Group”), a financial arm of Success Universe Group is committed to providing value to investors with the best possible products and services, and reliable professional advisory. We aim to become the first choice in financial institutions for investors.

Since its establishment in the late 1990s’, Success Finance Group has emerged as one of Hong Kong's leading financial services companies, offering a range of financial products and services, including the trading of securities, futures, foreign exchange, gold, funds, and one-stop services including property loans, insurance, asset management, and investment immigration. Through these services, we help investors achieve their investment goals.

Armed with an experienced team, Success Finance Group provides comprehensive financial services through various subsidiaries:

Success Securities Limited
Success Securities Limited established in 1998, Success Securities Limited is a participant of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and a licensed corporation registered with the Securities and Futures Commission (C. E. No. AEZ190). Success Securities is dedicated to providing quality customer service and flexible portfolio based on the principle of reaching investment objectives for its clients. The investment experts of Success Securities are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the securities markets, staying at the forefront to provide clients with the right strategies to seize every winning opportunity. Success Securities Limited also operates an online trading platform, enabling our clients to trade securities online in a flexible, fast and secure environment.
Success Futures and Foreign Exchange Limited
Success Futures and Foreign Exchange Limited established in 2000, Success Futures and Foreign Exchange Limited is a participant of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and a licensed corporation registered with the Securities and Futures Commission (C. E. No. AGN056). Clients can trade future options and global futures through telephone or its flexible trading platform using HKATS automatic trading system provided by Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited. Our foreign exchange trading service provides leveraged foreign exchange under registered license. Clients can trade forex anytime with our 24-hours hotlines. Our proficient and experienced service teams are devoted to providing professional analysis and investment advices for clients to ensure they grasp every opportunity in the market.
Success Bullion Investments Limited
Success Bullion Investments Limited is a member of The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (Code:003). Based on the principle of reaching investment objectives for clients, it dedicated to provide quality gold trading services with flexibility.
Success International Bullion (H.K.) Limited
Success International Bullion (H.K.) Limited specializes in providing professional gold trading services for clients from Hong Kong. It offers 24-hour trading services and platform to cater to different customer needs. Its professional research team provides clients with the latest market information, analysis reports and trading strategies on a daily basis. Its advanced online trading platforms provide trading flexibility with valued-added services including live charts and instant news to ensure that clients grasp every opportunity in the market.
Success Precious Metals Limited
Success Precious Metals Limited aims to provide a fair, just, and open platform for precious metals investment. It provides investors from Greater China Region with a 24-hour precious metals trading service, helping them grasp market opportunities and improve investment returns.
Success Universe Investment Limited
Success Universe Investment Limited implements the spirit of continuous improvement. With the interests of its clients as the starting point, it locks the global investment market for latest news, together with a professional team to provide timely precious metals market analysis and investment strategy. We work together with our clients to explore more investment opportunities.
Success Wealth Management Limited
Success Wealth Management Limited provides clients with one-stop financial services, including insurance brokerage and mandatory provident fund (MPF) intermediaries. Its affiliated companies also provide real estate agents and securities, futures, foreign exchange and precious metals trading services. Success professional team of wealth management can select the most suitable products in response to individual needs, creating added value wealth and meet clients’ goals.
Success Asset Management Limited
Success Asset Management Limited aims to provide high quality, value-added portfolio asset management for professional investors, corporate bodies and family offices. By combining the risk management expertise with an in-depth research analysis of local and mainland stock markets, Success Asset Management strives to meet the investment objectives of investors and deliver absolute return performance.
Success Asia Development Co. Limited
Success Asia Development Co. Limited has an experienced team of financial professionals and management experts. It invested huge funds in the development of “”, a financial informative and trading platform. Through holding events such as talks and seminars with the industry professionals in China, it offers international financial information to its clients and partners and facilitates the mainland financial business development.
Success International Finance Limited
Success International Finance Limited is a registered credit corporation recognized by Hong Kong government (money lender license number: 0724/2017). It was funded in 2013 with capitalization, high transparency, rigorous supervision, excellent reputation, and comprehensive and secure services. Success Universe Finance is committed to providing clients from different industries and backgrounds with professional, fast and flexible, and high-quality property loans and financing services. Our experienced analyst team listens carefully to clients’ needs, and sets the most appropriate mortgage loan plan to ensure that clients easily cope with a variety of financial needs and enjoy the convenience of cash flow.
Guangdong Success Investment Consultant Limited
Guangdong Success Investment Consultant Limited was founded in 2013. The first financial subsidiary of Success Finance Group set up in the mainland. With experiences and expertise, it dedicates to providing clients with quality investment consultant services.