Trading Hours
Loco London Gold
Loco London Silver
Hong Kong Gold
RMB Kg Gold
Summer HK Time Monday 7:00a.m. to Saturday 3:00a.m.
Winter HK Time Monday 7:00a.m. to Saturday 4:00a.m.
Trading hours are subject to each respective markets.
Unit per Contract
LLG / USD (LLGUSD) 100 ounces
LLS / USD (LLSUSD) 5000 ounces
HKG / HKD (HKGHKD) 100 taels
RKG / RMB (RKGRMB) 1000 grams
Margin Requirements
Initial Margin (per lot) HK$ 20,000 HK$ 24,000 HK$ 12,000 RMB 3,000
Lock position Margin (per set) HK$ 2,000 HK$ 2,400 HK$ 1,200 RMB 300
Unlock position Margin (per lot) HK$ 20,000 HK$ 24,000 HK$ 12,000 RMB 3,000
*”RKG” is short for “RMB Kg Gold”, trading details above are for each trading transaction per contract.
*“Lock Position” means there are same volume of long and short position opened in different prices within the same product contract as to lock its floating profit / loss temporarily. Both sides of opened positions will be charged interest until liquidation. Investors need to make a careful consideration of using ‘Lock Position’ because this strategy will increase your investment capital.
Minimum Spread HK$6 US$0.5 US$0.04 RMB 0.15
Storage Charge HK$20 Not Applicable
Interest Determined in accordance with market interest rates
Daily Interest Rate Formula
LLG / LLS = opening price x contract unit x USD exchange rate x interest rate x number of contracts ÷ 360days
RKG = opening price x contract units x interest rate x number of contracts ÷ 360days
Trading Limit

Precious Metals Internet Trading Account: Trading limit for each trading price is 0.1 to 20 lots;
RMB Kilobar Gold Internet Trading Account: Trading limit for each trading price is 1 to 30 lots;

Limit Order

Expiration dates of limit orders are spot day (market closing on spot day) and Friday (market closing on Friday).
The prices of limit orders that clients set must vary from the prevailing market price: US$2 or above for LLG, HK$20 or above for HKG, US$0.1 or above for LLS, and RMB ¥0.4 or above for RKG.
When clients set liquidation limit orders, our company will act on the open contracts clients held when prices reach the limit. If clients do not hold open contracts at that time, our company will cancel the limit order.


At any time when the equity on client accounts goes down below 2% of the initial margin, our company will liquidate all open contracts at the market price on the account. Clients still need to take responsibility on the loss after liquidation.

Important Notice

To assure the fair trading services and environment provided by the Company, the following trading rules are issued.
Criteria for abnormal account:

  1. During the time period between the latest application for cash withdrawal and immediate previous one, if 50% of the trades by an account for which their relevant positions were closed within the first 5 minutes after they were opened, all trading from this account since the account opening will be subject to further review.
  2. If the result of the review showed 60% of trading of which the relevant positions lasted less than 3 minutes, this account will be considered as an abnormal account.
  3. Network delay, network failure, calculator failure, quoting error, or quoting system omission could cause quotes on trading platforms unable to reflect real-time market prices accurately. In order to protect the fairness of network transactions and the interests of our clients, Success does not accept any behaviour of using platform omission or failure to make transaction.

  4. Client uses third-party software ("plug-in software") to make transaction.

Treatment of Abnormal Account
Once an account is determined as an abnormal account, the Company reserves the right to freeze that account. If the account was frozen, only closing existing positions can be performed.
The above measures will be carried out from 1st July, 2014.

Our company reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions above. Changes take effect when they are posted on our company’s website.