Requirement & Procedure

Applicants only need to provide the following documents :

  • Identity document (must be Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or over, or holding a valid residence permit issued by the Immigration Department; corporate applications require company registration documents, business registration certificate, etc.)
  • Proof of address within the last three months (such as water, electricity bills)
  • Income certificate/ bank account records within the last three months (if applicable)
  • First/second mortgage loan contracts and existing mortgage records (if applicable)
  • Property lease/ temporary or formal sale and purchase contracts (if applicable)


Step 1

Apply by phone (SMS / WhatsApp / WeChat / LINE: 5161 3350)、fax or internet and provide client/property information

Step 23

Initial evaluation

Step 3

Inform the client of the result of initial evaluation, and information such as interest and amount of contributions

Step 4

With the required documents, client need to go to the law firm in person to do loan application signing and arrangement procedure.

Customer Service Contact

 Tel (852) 5161 3350
 Tel (852) 3101 8162
Fax (852) 3104 0905