Trading Information

Hong Kong Stock Market Trading Hours

*Saturday, Sunday, and Hong Kong public holidays: Closed

  Auction Order Limit Order
Morning Pre-opening Session Order Cancel Order Cancel
09:00:00 – 09:14:59 O O O O
09:15:00 – 09:19:59 O X X X
09:20:00 Order Matching Period
09:30:00 A.M. Market Opening
12:00:00 A.M. Market Closing
Afternoon Pre-opening Session Order Cancel Order Cancel
12:30:00 – 12:59:59 X X X O
13:00:00 P.M. Market Opening
16:00:00 P.M. Market Closing
Closing Auction Session(CAS)
(applicable to all CAS Securities)
Order Cancel Order Cancel
16:00:00 – 16:00:59 (Reference Price Fixing) X X X X
16:01:00 – 16:05:59 (Order Input) O O O O
16:06:00 – 16:07:59 (No Cancellation) O X O X
16:08:00 – 16:10:00 (Random Closing) O X O X

Auction Order:
An auction order is an order with no specified price and is entered into the trading system for execution at the final Indicative Equilibrium Price (IEP). It enjoys a higher order matching priority than a limit order. Any outstanding auction orders will be cancelled.

Limit Order
A limit order having a price equal to the best opposite orders will match with opposite orders at the best price queue residing in the System, one by one according to time priority.

Investor Notes

Derivative Warrants, Callable Bull/Bear Contracts and Synthetic Exchange Traded Funds

The new regulatory requirements of the “Investor Characterization” came into effect on 4th September 2011. Currently, three types of exchange traded derivative products are available by us, namely derivative warrants, callable bull/bear contracts, and those exchange-traded funds that invest in derivative instruments designed to replicate the performance of the relevant underlying (“Products”).If you wish to trade the Products with us, please complete, sign and return the Client’s Declaration to us by fax 2587 8001. Please note that our company may refuse to act on your Products trading instruction unless and until we received the duly completed and signed Client’s Declaration.

You can download the terms and conditions to know more “General Risk Disclosure Statements for Derivative Warrants, Callable Bull/Bear Contracts, and Exchange Traded Funds”.
Should you have any queries, please call us at 2294 5728 or contact your account executive for details during office hours.

Internet Trade Real-Time Quote Service

Each Internet Trade Account will enjoy a monthly 400 clicks free of charge Real-time Snapshot Quote Service.

Internet Trade Account holder can now apply for a HK Equity Real Time Quotation Service (including real time quotes, chart analysis and public listed company information for client’s convenient use) with HK$380 per month service fee. Monthly service fee will be charged to client’s account on the first workday in the next month after service is provided. Whenever client’s monthly trading turnover meets or exceeds HK$1,300,000 Success Securities Limited will waive the client’s monthly service fee in that particular month accordingly.

Global Securities Market

As the global economy continues to integrate, many investors are looking to global financial markets in response to the volatile market. In order to satisfy investors’ diverse financial market and product needs, Success Securities has launched a global securities trading platform to provide customers with a wider variety of product options.

The global financial markets run 24 hours a day with no respite, and because at Success Securities we strive to help our customers seize every opportunity to maximize their wealth, we have also provided our customers with global securities trading services that span across time zones and regions, including:

  • China
  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan

Please call 2294 5728 for inquires regarding opening an account or transactional matters.

Customer Service Contact

 Tel(852) 3101 2999
China Free Hotline 400 120 2999
Fax (852) 3101 9926