Deposit & Withdrawal

Funds Deposit

In order to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules and regulations, Success Securities Limited (“Success”) will not accept any form of third party fund deposits, or transfer/cheque issued by the joint bank account of the client and third party.

If there is any third party deposit, Success has the right to request client providing the information of that third party for identification. If client cannot provide the requested information or such information is rejected by Success for any reason, Success has the right to reject or return the deposit. In any event, the client shall be responsible for any bank charges and risks including but not limited to the interests, charges, expenses and/or losses of the trading account arising from any failure of deposit in time.

We would also like to remind you that you should not pass your monies to any third party (including our Account Executives) for fund deposit on your behalf. Instead, you should directly and immediately send the deposit slip to Settlement Department. If we find that there is any suspicious transaction, we have the right to report to the regulatory authorities.

Deposit notice:
If clients want to deposit fund, they have to write the
(1)Success Securities Limited account number ;
(2)Client name;

on the deposit slip and then send it directly to our Settlement Department by email (, or fax (852-25878001), or WhatsApp (852-54029442), or WeChat (852-54029442) before 5 p.m. on the same day (if we receive client’s notice for fund deposit after 5:00pm, such deposit will be considered as being deposited on the following trading day).

Cheque deposit (including deposit through bank counter and cheque deposit machine)

Client has to provide us with the image of the cheque (the name of the client must be clearly shown), together with the deposit advice for our verification of the deposit and the depositor. If you are not able to provide us with the image of the cheque, there will be an administrative fee of HKD200 (or any sum imposed by us from time to time) per cheque for retrieval of the cheque image from the bank. In addition, the fund will not be credited to your account(s) until we have obtained the information of depositor from bank, and this process may require 14 business days (subject to the actual processing time of the bank). We have the right to reject any third party fund deposit.

Cash Deposit (including deposit through bank counter and cheque deposit machine)

The maximum amount of cash deposit is HK$ 300,000. Client must provide a deposit slip with client’s signature for our verification of the depositor. We have the right to reject any suspicious deposit or cash deposit exceeding HK$300,000.

Bank transfer (including transfer through bank counter and ATM)

Client must provide a valid proof of the transfer to us for verification of the transferor. If client does not provide any proof on the transfer, we reserve the right to request client proving that the transfer is come from the bank account of the client. If there is any suspicion on the deposit, we will not credit the fund to client’s account until client provide sufficient evidence that he/she is the transferor or depositor.

For further queries or assistance needed, please feel free to call us at telephone no. : 852-22945899

Margin & Cash Account

Bank Currency Bank Account No.
HSBC HKD 534-102421-001
RMB 741-381636-209
USD 741-381388-201
Hang Seng Bank HKD 787-249432-001
Chong Hing Bank HKD 256-10-298259-5 / 106737919 (FPS ID)
RMB 256-19-900363-6 / 106737919 (FPS ID)
USD 256-15-019546-0
Nanyang Commercial Bank HKD 043-472-0-042803-1
BOC (H.K.) HKD 012-875-0-040001-3
RMB 012-875-0-602906-9


  2. If you use online banking, please fill in your account number in the company in “Note” for easy verification

Funds Withdrawal

For withdrawals (withdrawals only to pre-registered bank account), please download, complete, and fax or email the client withdrawal form to the company’s Settlement Department, or contact your account manager, or visit the company in person.

Fax No.:(852) 2587 8001


  1. Withdrawals proposed before 11:30a.m. : The company will deposit cheque into your bank account with the same name as registered.
  2. Withdrawals proposed after 11:30a.m. : The company will process them the next business day.
  3. The bank account provided by client must be held under his own name. The company does not accept deposit request into a third party bank account, or into cheque payable to a third party.

Customer Service Contact

 Tel(852) 3101 2999
China Free Hotline 400 120 2999
Fax (852) 3101 9926